We love gifts…which we’ve been doing since 2007. Gifts are sourced all over
the country, going the extra mile to find extraordinary gifts.

We are specifically interested in creative skilful artisans, creating exceptional pieces.  We belief that skilful handmade items is a trend that will stay.
We only source quality gifts that will convey a message of
thoughtfulness, care, appreciation, joy and love.

We take extra care in wrapping and beautify each gift.
We also take care of the aura and energy in our studio,
enhancing it with calm music, beautiful flowers and uplifting aromas.

The gift that you send must convey a message of appreciation, joy and connectedness between THE GIVER and THE RECEIVER.  We hope and wish that every person sending a gift will experience the joy of giving and that every receiver will experience the enjoyment of receiving.


Life is a gift

Never forget to enjoy and bask
in every moment you are in

We aspire to be givers
Givers of love
Givers of good vibes
Givers of strength